Carisolv removes necrotic, decayed, dentine and leaves healthy tooth structure unaffected.

Carisolv is a chemo-mechanical method ideal for use on most types of carious lesion. The method is minimally invasive and affects only the carious part of the tooth. As a result, the teeth last longer, the risk of complications is reduced and patient comfort is enhanced. The user of Carisolv is a dentist, interested in minimally-invasive, patient- and quality-oriented treatment methods.

25% faster compared with previous gel

The removal of caries with the new gel takes an average of 5,2 minutes, less than 30 per cent of the total treatment time. This development of Carisolv makes it possible to remove caries as fast as with the drill but with all the advantages a minimally-invasive method can offer. The time aspect is no longer clinically significant.



Carisolv Multimix Gel

Carisolv Multimix Gel

Gel for 10 applications