TrollByte Kimera X-ray Holder

TrollByte Kimera sensor holder

TrollByte Kimera – Twin Polymer X-ray Holder

 The Third Generation

The key feature of the TrollByte Kimera is the use of two different high grade polymers, joined together in a single holder.

The result is a one-piece holder with a stiff arm and a softer, adjustable claw. The stiff arm ensures accuracy of sensor placement in the patient’s mouth. The softer claw allows you to finely adjust the tension to reduce the risk of tearing the sensor cover or scratching the phosphor plate.

Very Scandinavian

Scandinavian design, what does it mean? Well, to us that is creating a product that is minimalistic and functional. Keep it simple. No frills.

It is a one-piece holder, it´s up to you if you want to use an aiming ring or not. The bite block, on the other hand, is absolutely essential when you take anterior PA´s. Without it, you are restricted to place the sensor where you can, not where you need.


A stiff arm that ensures accuracy when you place the sensor.

A softer claw to let you finely adjust the tension.

Bite block for Anterior PA`s.
It works as an extension of the holders bite plane, making it possible to place the sensor further back in the patient's mouth.

Digital Sensor


Image Plate